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The Most Powerful Tool that Every Business Owns, but Most Don’t Know How to Use

The Most Powerful Tool that Every Business Owns, but Most Don't Know How to Use

I looked up from my computer laughing and pumped a fist into the air… Perhaps I will never forget this moment. It was the turning point where I realized just how powerful Microsoft Excel could be. I was working on a pricing project for a healthcare client to determine how much they should be charging […]

Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a Brand Identity

One of our most important pieces of moving ahead with a global image for investours is defining our brand image. Ashwin and I have been working closely with our designer, Erik Jonsson. He does some really incredible work. It took a while for us to finalize our agreement and for him to begin work, but […]

Git’n there… Setting up the environment

Git'n there... Setting up the environment

I have finished setting up the development environment for my Investours project and began coding. I am going to be sharing the work I am doing as an open source project on github. If you are interested in following the work I am doing from a coding perspective, feel free to download the code and […]

Web 2.0 Expo – March 28th – 31st

Web 2.0 Expo - March 28th - 31st

I just got approval for funding from Deloitte to attend the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco from March 28th to March 31st. I am very excited about this opportunity. Other than a hacker’s conference that I went to while doing ethical hacking for PwC, this will be the first major technical conference that I […]

Diving in… Investours Website Development Planning

This blog entry is my first of many that will be outlining the technical aspects of building the website for Investours. My intention for this entry is to organize my thoughts from a high level on some of the features that I will be implementing and the foundation for building them. As always, any comments […]