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The Most Powerful Tool that Every Business Owns, but Most Don’t Know How to Use

The Most Powerful Tool that Every Business Owns, but Most Don't Know How to Use

I looked up from my computer laughing and pumped a fist into the air… Perhaps I will never forget this moment. It was the turning point where I realized just how powerful Microsoft Excel could be. I was working on a pricing project for a healthcare client to determine how much they should be charging […]

Investours’ MIT YouPitch Competition

Last week we entered a video into the MIT You Pitch Competition. I thought I would share some of the details of the submission as I found them to be interesting. Please feel free to comment with suggestions. We have already submitted the video into the MIT YouPitch Competition, but we will likely use this […]

Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a Brand Identity

One of our most important pieces of moving ahead with a global image for investours is defining our brand image. Ashwin and I have been working closely with our designer, Erik Jonsson. He does some really incredible work. It took a while for us to finalize our agreement and for him to begin work, but […]

The Evolution of Investours Marketing

A lot of my focus with Investours has been on the web development side of things, but another strong focus of mine is in developing the marketing materials and trying to make the communications with our customers be uniform across the organization. When I first arrived in Bucerias, I realized that our marketing material was […]

My First Investour!

On March 14th, I got to go on my first Investour! It was an incredible experience. It was really great to see the impact of all of the work that I have been doing and see the effect it has on people first hand. The tour began at the PEACE Campasena with Ryan giving a […]

In the beginning… there was a sabbatical

I have decided to start a blog to be able to communicate the interesting things I learn and discover throughout my life with others. This idea came about primarily due to an upcoming sabbatical, starting February 12th. I will be taking the sabbatical through a program with my employer, Deloitte Consulting, which involves my getting […]