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Investours’ MIT YouPitch Competition

Last week we entered a video into the MIT You Pitch Competition. I thought I would share some of the details of the submission as I found them to be interesting. Please feel free to comment with suggestions. We have already submitted the video into the MIT YouPitch Competition, but we will likely use this video for marketing on our website and elsewhere. So, suggestions for improvement are welcome.

If you haven’t already, please ‘like’ the video on the YouTube page and the post of our video on the Facebook MIT 100k page to help us win the competition and secure additional funding. Thanks to those who have already shown their support!

I worked with a few other people on coming up with something similar to an elevator pitch to describe what Investours is all about. Luckily we were able to use our submission for the Harvard Business School’s Pitch for Change Competition as a great starting point. I reworked the pitch to make it better suited for the video’s audience and then worked through a few more iterations with some other people before we began recording footage. Ryan actually translated the whole pitch into Spanish for the footage he recorded with Puerto Vallarta entrepreneurs! Here is the final text we used:

What if you had the opportunity to change someone’s life forever?

What if on your next vacation you didn’t just relax in the sun but also participated in microfinance by helping a local entrepreneur take their business to the next level?

Investours makes this pioneering and innovative opportunity possible in a socially responsible manner.

On our tours, you meet groups of micro-entrepreneurs first hand.

You engage with them to learn about who they are, what their business is, and why they need a loan.

100% of your tour fees are pooled and disbursed as an interest-free loan for the micro-entrepreneur whom you select.

But your experience doesn’t end there – you can track loan progress online and continue staying involved!

Do you see the impact you’ve just made?

Don’t just visit a destination.

Go off the beaten path to invest in communities around the world.

Be the Change.

Go on an Investour.


For the video footage, we had a bunch of employees and entrepreneurs say part of the pitch and spliced together all of the clips for a great final compilation that tells a story while being both fun and interesting. I really love the footage that Katie and Grasshopper got in our Dar es Salaam location! Ashwin also did a great job at putting everything together and making all of the video clips meld together smoothly.

Let me know what you think!

Update: After posting this and entering a vicious campaign to get all of our friends to ‘like’ our video, we held a strong first place standing for a while. We were featured in Huffington Post on April 26th. At the end of the competition, some other teams shot up and took over the top three positions, but the MIT 100k committee decided to accept the top six teams because they wanted to include us in the final round where a judge selected the winner. While we did not win, we got some really great publicity and recognition.

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